Stand Tall International

Our mission is to arrange and fund life saving spinal surgeries for children of East Africa. Once healthy, children are offered an opportunity for education, housing, and any other needs, providing a pathway for them to Stand Tall.



Meet Jamila

Jamila’s (10 years old) family first noticed a problem at 2 years of age. She went to a hospital that said they couldn’t help and sent her home. She has pain which interferes with her walking and her balance. She has not had any treatment since that first visit to the hospital. 

Spinal Surgery

About Spinal Surgery

Given the state of the local healthcare infrastructure, Stand Tall is currently one of the few organizations in Tanzania that can help patients afflicted with severe spinal problems and deformities.  As a result, this is Stand Tall’s most ambitious and comprehensive program.

Get Involved

Get Involved

There a many ways to help change the lives of these amazing children. Click below to learn more about how you can organize or attend a fundraiser, make a purchase, or volunteer your time.