Given the state of the local healthcare infrastructure, Stand Tall is currently one of the few organizations in Tanzania that can help patients afflicted with severe spinal problems and deformities.  As a result, this is Stand Tall’s most ambitious and comprehensive program.

We have partnered with FOCOS Orthopaedic Hospital in Ghana. Stand Tall identifies patients with complex spinal disorders, funds initial treatments, x-rays, pre-surgical labs, medications and other needed services.  We hire Swahili speaking caregivers and fly both caregiver and patient to Ghana where they receive their life-saving surgery and post-operative recovery.

The total cost for treatment is approximately $25,000 per patient. 

With only one neurosurgeon per 9 million people, East Africa simply does not have the ability to provide care for patients with traumatic spine injuries or serious birth defects such as hydrocephalus.