The World Health Organization estimates that there are approximately 60,000 new TB cases annually in Tanzania.

The number of children with spinal tuberculosis is unknown, but there are hundreds that need surgery. Additionally, after surgery the children need education as they will always be physically unable to perform labor-intensive jobs common in rural Africa. With your help, we can provide the children with this life sustaining treatment and provide a life children in East Africa can only imagine.

Currently, we have five children who have been selected by the doctors in Ghana as eligible for this surgery.  Their priority is the highest, so as soon as we get the money raised, they will be on a plane to begin their new life.

Now, let's meet the kids.


Jamila’s (10 years old) family first noticed a problem at 2 years of age. She went to a hospital that said they couldn’t help and sent her home. She has pain which interferes with her walking and her balance. She has not had any treatment since that first visit to the hospital. 


Zainabu’s (15 years old) family took her for treatment for her back problem at 6 years old. The doctor gave her a back brace and told her that her back would grow straight, if she wore her brace. As you can see from the pictures, they were very very wrong.